What is Dirty Potter?
Collectively referred to as Dirty Potter, it is a trilogy of audio shorts that were made in Adobe Audition, through creative use of word splicing and sound editing of all seven Harry Potter audiobooks. The characters have been re-imagined as, overly lustful and sex-crazed, frequently engaging in lewd activities and using vulgar language. Each audio short is narrated by British actor Jim Dale, who also has been incorporated as a totally new character in the context of the parody.


Who is Jim Dale?
In the real world, Jim Dale is an English stage actor, pop singer, and narrator. He is best known in England for his roles in the Carry On series of comedy films, and as a pop singer in the 1960's.
In the United States, he is known as "The Voice of Harry Potter," and has narrated every one of J.K. Rowling's books, he was also the narrator for the ABC series Pushing Daisies. In the Dirty Potter World, our Jim Dale is nothing like his real self. He is incredibly perverted and obsessed with sex, and is slowly losing his mind as he jerks off 24/7 while reading inhumanly distasteful and revolting stories that come from his demented mind.


Do you hate Harry Potter?
No. I have listened to all seven books on CD read by Jim Dale and enjoyed them all very much.


Why are you so obsessed with Jim Dale?
Because I think he has a funny voice. He has many funny voices. It's also very amusing to hear such a proper fellow using Oxford English to describe such lewd acts.


Did he really say all of these horrible things?
No. Jim Dale did not actually say anything you hear in our productions. Everything is completely edited and fictional and not intended to slander or defame anybody; it is parody.


How did you make him swear like that?
We are making a series of videos that explain this better. Here are two that you can view on YouTube right now: Video #1 and Video #2